If you suddenly have a stroke, make it good Immediate care…

If you have a sudden stroke
To be positive
Immediate care
Care and treatment

Doctor Issaya
It is U Maung Maung’s method,
A columnist in Nakta Sraya magazine
Interesting writing

It’s like having a stroke not too long ago.
A person who can’t move his limbs
To a friend
Click on the physician’s instructions
Click on the small space
After 3 (3) days of advice
Because it was good

If you have experienced the common stroke
I’ve shared it further for accessibility.
Air disease
It is common between the ages of 40 and 60.
From the cold
Jump up into the air.
It happens that the legs and limbs can’t move after a stroke.
Suddenly, Lemi
If you click on the buttons that will be presented now, you will get healing relief.
click box (1)
Sticking behind the ankle
Gently press the vein,
click box (2)
The muscle on the side of the middle of the foot
Press to blend.
click box (3)
Press the hamstring under the knee joint,
click box (4)
Crush and press the thigh bone,
With four clicks, there is no delay
If you click around 0, the air will be there
The place where he is unconscious will decrease and soon he will be able to speak like a good person.
May those in need have a happy heart and smile.