It’s a matter of great benefit…

It’s a matter of great benefit…
I will tell you the main reason so that all gentlemen can enjoy the benefits…
The famous cardiologist said – If the person who receives this letter goes ahead and sends it, it will be a safety and life saving issue for many people….

You won’t even believe how to treat with hot water…
In Japan, a large number of doctors agree that hot water treatment has 100% good results…
Here are some of the results:

-: headache (frequent headache accompanied by nausea, visual disturbances);
-: high blood pressure
-: anemia
-: joint pain
-: Very fast or slow heart rate;
-: Neurosis that causes sudden falls and unconsciousness. (Epilepsy).
-: fat Cholesterol
-: severe sore throat
-: restlessness
-: sore throat
-: Asthma
-: whooping cough or whooping cough
-: blockage of blood vessels
-: Bladder and all bladder related diseases.
-: Stomach fermentation,
-: Stomach disease
-: lack of hunger
-: eyes ear , nose All diseases related to the throat include…
Treatment method
Get up early every morning (Fajr) … then eat nothing. If you haven’t already, drink about four glasses of 160cc size… The water should be hot, but not hot enough to scald your tongue… It should be hot enough…
To avoid –
Not eating anything for 45 minutes after drinking water. Don’t drink…Also, don’t drink any water for two hours after each meal….
Some people can’t drink four glasses in the beginning…then you have to gradually increase to four glasses….
The treatment of various diseases with water has been confirmed with certain periods… They are –
-: sugar – days (30).
-: High blood pressure – 30 days.
-: All diseases related to the stomach – (10) days.
-: All types of cancer of the brain – (9) months.
-: Blood clots – (6) months.
-: Lack of appetite – (10) days.
-: Bladder and bladder diseases – (10) days.
-: ear , nose Throat – day (20).
-: Women’s diseases – (15) days.
-: Heart and heart-related diseases – 30 days.
-: Headache – (3) days.
-: Anemia – 30 days.
-: fat Cholesterol – (4) months.
-: It is guaranteed that neurosis and paralysis, which causes sudden falls and unconsciousness, will disappear if taken continuously for 9 months….
-: Asthma Breathing diseases – (4) months.
In ancient medicine, it is stated that drinking hot water before breakfast has many benefits, and it is very serious…
Try it in practice…
*If the water is cold*

Even if the cold water doesn’t make you sick when you’re still young, it will cause the worst disease after you’re young…
Cold water causes the blood vessels (4) of the heart to close…it also closes the main blood vessels of the heart…which is often the cause of heart disease….
Usually, heart disease in young people is caused by drinking cold drinks….
Cold water is the cause of damage to the liver… fats tend to accumulate and harden due to cold water…
Don’t worry…the root cause of people waiting for a liver transplant is this cold water….
The truth is that cold water damages the lining of the stomach and causes sugar…
Cold water is harmful to the stomach and colon and is often the cause of cancer.
Tell everyone…
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