The real heat stroke…

If it’s hot and cold in Myanmar
Most people
Back from the sun
I suddenly took a shower.
Because of the new face
They think.
Suddenly unconscious
I stopped breathing.
Actually it is
Heat stroke is a very rare event.

Because of the sudden cold from Pura
The response of the blood vessels in the skin is disturbed, and the heart stops beating. You can die in seconds.
If someone who knows and understands saves lives
If you can get your heart beating right away, you will live.
It is called Vagal Inhibition in English.
The real heat stroke
This is not comfortable.
They often die after a long stay in the hospital.
Heat insulation is real
It is due to the loss of water and salinity (glass, alkali) and imbalance.
When it’s hot like summer
When doing hot business
I sweat a lot
Salt is included.
The more salt is added
The water is no longer thirsty.
I didn’t drink the water.
It’s getting worse.
At first, the body controls.
Because how to control
I don’t urinate much
Retains water that will be excreted as urine.
So the color of urine is mature.
So when it’s hot, the water is not thirsty
If the color of urine is dark, experts advise that you should drink more water.
So I didn’t drink the water
Sweating profusely
Loss of water and salt
The man became very weak.
So far, the sweat is still coming out.
This is called Heat Exhaustion.
Overheated and tired.
At this time, refill with water and salt
Drinking salt water If you do not drink drinks that are full of salt
The body can’t even sweat.
If you look at him
Dry and tired
If you touch the meat, it is hot as coal
No sweat at all.
Then the heat stroke is gone
Run to the hospital quickly.
(Some of them were asked to go to the hospital since they were in the stage of heat exhaustion)
If you are far from the hospital, Or before the hospital
Because what to do?
The heat must be reduced.
The main thing to remember is that you should not give medicine like Paracetamol for fever.
Organ Failure is said to make internal organ damage worse.
To fill the water and salt first, you have to make a lot of brine
You should not use salt.
Shark, buffalo, Coffee, alcohol, burn speed M150, Stimulating fluids such as Lippo should not be taken at all
Because it makes heat insulation easier.
If the patient is unconscious
Chilled in the refrigerator
The sauce bottle NS must be connected quickly from the vein. Rapid Cool NS infusion.
First you should take off all your clothes.
You have to call the air con room
It is better to turn on the air con in Dehumifying mode or Dry mode.
It must be poured with cold water.
After pouring warm water five times cold water
You have to pay once.
The blood vessels will be widened.
One thing is special
If heat shock occurs
Although treated at the hospital
About 20 out of 100 died.
So prevention is essential.
Protection is not difficult
I just drink saline solution depending on my work.
People with high blood pressure only drink water.
You should wear loose clothing.
You don’t need to be too tired.
If so, you don’t have to be afraid of heatstroke.
Heat stroke
Good to know about thermal insulation
For Short Note when I was a student
I am reciting the prepared letters
An important point
In this summer heat
It is especially necessary not to cover sick people with thick warm clothes and to wash them with water frequently (in addition to the forehead, which is more important, to wash the buttocks, groin, bend of the knees, and between the armpits, and to take a breath to get air).
# Thermal insulation