Horoscope for Friday children

Because of the light of the sun, he is energetic and courageous. Inanimate beings do not want darkness forever. If you think about this, you should be able to understand how much power the sun, the sun, can give as the lord of life.

spirit of life father, pride employment The position and honor of the government. Also, Monday (aka Moon) can give his nature as a planet. When the creatures see the cool and clear moonlight, they are happy and happy. cold mother mind, Silver and jewels etc. of the government.

At the same time, Red Mars has its blood-red natural strength, talent Courage Perseverance adventure A heart that dares to kill anger, side conflict; lust for war servant Rule the husband. Green Mercury is intelligence, children The government of skills. Jupiter is wisdom, financial wealth morality Religion ideology Mate, Teacher etc. can be created.

Venus, by his shining light, is Kamaraga, love happy wife, wife show of honor It can provide the ability to see and see. Saturn is dull, blue planet is suffering, Disturbance time delay Relatives It tends to cause things such as tentativeness.

Rahu and Kate, the dark planet, do not appear in the sky with the planets, but because of their power to create solar eclipses, the world of darkness and the mysterious benefits and sins. Government of four-legged animals, etc. In addition to these 9 planets, Uranus was found again. Neptune The planet Pluto is also now included.

Ashwani nakshatra, Revati nakshatra and the 27 nakshatras can also be created by his nature and his nature. The ancient scholars speculated about these natures only after many years of practical study. According to simple mathematics, the space sky is named after the 12-year cycle of Aries-Pepissa-Metin, etc.