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E.M. Plunkett (E.M. Plunkett) in his “Ancient Records and Personalities” book, “It seems that Indian astronomy

greatly helped the Greek texts from the year of Christ. Philostratus, the Greek philosopher who wrote In the ‘Life of Apollonius’, the astrologer, it is stated that Apollonius learned astronomy and astrology from Indian saints.

As famous as Cairo, Count Louis Hamon (Count Louis Hamon) in his book titled “You and Your Character” said, “Those who think of the wisdom of the ancients have not forgotten the great figures and philosophies of ancient India.”

Today’s culture has not been able to change them. Just accepting. Astronomers today are amazed at the theories they produced. Even in modern times, using the latest tools, we can’t beat the findings of the ancient sages. How the ancient sages of India discovered it is still a mystery,” he wrote.

Apart from the Vedic scriptures of India, the most ancient science of astrology is found in China. The Chinese, like the Hindus of India, are meticulous in preserving their scriptures.