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Chaldea is the region that was dominated by the Babylonians and is the southern part of present-day Iraq. Late Chaldean astrologers wrote about Berosus, a scholar who appeared around 3000 BC, but authentic texts of Berosus are hard to find. But there is no doubt that the ancient Chaldeans used astrology. The Greek and Roman astrology was derived from them.

Babylonian use of astrology can be traced back to about 2500 BC. However, no scriptural evidences written by the Babylonians have been found.

There is evidence that the Egyptians understood and used astrology thousands of years before Christ. The oldest Egyptian astrologer was Petosiris, a priest during the reign of Nicepsos around 800 BC. Pitosiris is not known to have written any astrological treatises. There is no evidence.

Claudius Ptolemy was the earliest Egyptian astronomer to write an astrological treatise that can still be found today. Modern astrology in the West today is based on Ptolemy’s writings. Ptolemy in Egypt He was born in the city of Pelusium and studied at the school of Alexandria. One of the errors in the method that survives to this day is due to his book Tetrabilos.

The oldest Persian astrologer was Al Hakim. Darius was a famous astronomer during his time. Al Hakim wrote many books, the book most cited by the late is Judicia Gimaspia. Most of al-Hakim’s books are lost. However, Al Hakim became famous for his miraculous predictions. His most famous prediction was about the birth of Jesus.