Htar htet htet , thank you friend. 23pm

Thank you to the friend who sent food to the liberated area

Everyone remembers Da Thant Than, who became a beauty due to her sweet smile and beautiful body proportions.

In addition to being a beauty queen, she is also an artist who has acted in big movies.

While realizing her artistic dreams, Da Thant Thant’s life changed drastically due to the situation in Burma.
Since he himself was a religious person, he stood firmly on the side of the truth with the people.
Miss Da Thant Thant is an artist who fights against the dictator with a strong spirit.
She is the artist who has received the most love from her fans as she is taking military training to protect the people in a difficult and harsh liberated area.
Da Thant Thant, who was in the liberated area, was not even allowed to see the last moment of his father’s death.
A few hours ago, Miss Da Thant Thant thanked a friend who sent food to the liberated area.
Thanking his friend Ye Min AAC, he wrote, “Thank you for helping Ye Min AAC Ye Min with food…”