I am proud of U Kyaw Thet Lin.

Mya Roo Lwin, who is proud of her teacher U Kyaw Thet Lin, who is fighting on the front line

Dear fans, I think you all know the current political situation in Myanmar. If the political fire started in February, it has been extended for more than nine months.

Demonstrations involving almost all people who did not accept the coup took place on a nationwide scale. Government employees appointed by the state joined the strike as CDM.

Kyaw Thet Lin, a news anchor of MRTV, who had been doing CDM since the beginning of the coup, was among them. Mya Roe Lwin, who is a student of the teacher, is proud and happy for her teacher.
News presenter Ko Kyaw Thet Lin asked about his arrival in the liberated area, “Would it be okay if I took a photo in the forest wearing a uniform and holding a gun? I got my fb account back and followed my friends.
It’s usually the same… me…? All of the covid, malaria and flu have passed. Both body and mind are healthy. I’m very sad for my friends who won’t see each other again until the green light turns on.
It also hurts those who are suffering mentally and physically in the city. Thank you to all those who are concerned,” he wrote on his social media page, so fans and friends were surprised and respected. We are proud of Mr. Kyaw Thet Lin, the owner of the voice of “May he be healthy” who has reached the freedom zone for the truth.
I would like to pray for the safety of Kyaw Thet Lin, CDM Thare Kung, a member of the public.