I will look for signs

This time, we will learn about Tornado. Let’s look at the characteristics of a tornado first. When does a tornado hit? It is difficult to predict where a tornado will develop.

If it becomes a tornado, it is even more to be feared than a typhoon. Because of the extremely strong winds, everything around you is blown away by the wind, so if a tornado hits you, anything near you can turn into a deadly weapon. It can also cause great damage.

In Japan, tornadoes are most common in September and October. We will learn how to respond if a tornado hits.

Japan has an average of 55 tornadoes per year. About 40 percent of these occur in September and October. There are 2 causes of tornadoes. First, tornadoes often occur during this season due to typhoons.

Second, during these months, tornadoes occur because the atmosphere becomes unstable due to the cold air that descends from the Siberian side. A tornado forms when an updraft closes to the ground and combines with horizontal air.

For example, in the Kanto plains where tornadoes often occur, strong moist sea breezes from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Chiba and Ibaraki prefectures or from Tokyo Bay collide with dry and cold winds from the mountains to the west of the plains, forming a tornado from there.

In the 60 years from 1961 to 2019, about 60 percent of tornadoes occurred in densely populated and urbanized coastal areas. This is why tornadoes cause great damage. This information is 2022, Information obtained on October 10.