If you are afraid, stay dry…30pm

Regarding the NDAA, the NUG government has coordinated with advocacy groups in the United States.
Don’t ask what Min Aung Lai is doing at this time.

They don’t seem to know that the guys below are pretending to be so distracted that they don’t know they’re losing
The next god looks like the face of Mal. The idea is like the Than Shwe Jade Pagoda. Once their crimes are forgotten and people do nothing more than make their idols look like idols.

Anyway, when there is a lot of loss and pressure from all sides, since I have been relying on God for a way out, I have been pretending that nothing is wrong because of how much blood is lost in Maal and the level that I am holding Han with pride.
Time will tell, so as a people, we should make Min Aung Lai, who is acting only to spread ginger propaganda for MRTV, and make him a drama actor instead of being a military commander.
In order to dispel doubts that the army is sure to lose, and to make people think that there is nothing wrong with public opinion, I am telling you not to think too much about the fact that the field is burning like a fire that is about to be extinguished.
Maal’s current situation is because she is afraid of death, she is relying on God to calm down the heat. It is nothing more than this. Don’t look at the outward appearance, look inside. The answer is close to the picture, haven’t you seen?
According to the news, it’s crazy how hard it is now to make a pilgrimage cover for fear! 😄
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