If you do these things, the bribe will be closed.

If you do these things, you won’t receive money for 1 to 3 months, and you will stop paying bribes…

(1) Don’t wake up late
(2) Don’t fight in the morning

(3) Don’t go to the toilet after eating first when you get up
(4) Worship God first and then start work
(5) Don’t keep the money spread out or rolled up
(6) Keep a good attitude and don’t push others
(7) Don’t sleep with your head facing the west or north
(8) Do not keep old shoes, broken umbrellas, broken watches at home
(9) Don’t scratch money with a pen
(10) Don’t make mistakes and insult your husband (10).
(11) One day a week, don’t eat meat and fish, and just eat freely
(12) Don’t talk on the phone when you get up, and clean your face first
(13) Do not lend money to anyone in the morning
(14) Do not drink alcohol in the morning
(15) Don’t touch money with your shoes
If you do these things, you won’t get paid, and you will be bribed
Mr. Vedin Myat Aung