If you want to start a business based on your current house number.29pm

If you want to start a business based on your current house number

The house number must be 1.

My house number (403). 7 is said to be a lucky number, but there is no one at home, just like travelers.

So, why don’t you hang up?

Place a tiger figure, elephant figure or picture in the house with 1 number

In the house with 2 numbers, there is a picture of a waterfall, a picture of a mountain, or a picture of the mother of the sage

3-digit house with turtles

If you can choose houses with 4 numbers, if you can’t, write the house number in gold on a red plate and stick it on the front.

If you get a 5-digit house, put money in a red envelope and throw it into a pot of rice

A house with 6 digits will play the music of the antique Panchi car hook

If you have a house with 7 numbers, hang it at the entrance of the house

A house with 8 digits has a big mirror inside the house and a big lamp on the front of the house.

For a house with the number 9, keep the pagoda room fragrant and tidy, play a lot of dharma, and hang it in a big bronze barrel in a visible place of the house.

All of them can prosper and live without heat.

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