If you want to work abroad, know these things: 1

If you are bothered by these things, you should not come and work abroad…”

 Children who are left behind by their parents (there are no parents at work)

The youngest children who are wanted by their siblings (strangers will not want to chase themselves like sisters and brothers).

People who tend to bring their emotions to the workplace (people who don’t do their job well because they’re

allergic to that person, those who don’t do their job well because they’re allergic to this person)

People who tend to take advantage of colleagues with a tendency to fall

As in Burma, people who are shunned at work because they belong to other people,  they belong to this

person, they belong to above, because they belong to what belongs to them, because they have rights. Twists and turns

Those who tend to look down on their work and think that they have little pride in the work they do.

Such people should not come and work abroad

Here is only work-1. Only work -2 Work only – 3
,Work only – to monitor workers and customers everywhere except in the 10 toilets

They installed cctv.

They like to make work look like work.

From their mouths, Good job young man. Good job, if it comes out like that, it shows that they like what you are doing.

And if you’re worried about these things, don’t go abroad at all

(Sometimes I have to go back to work late at night, I don’t know where Burmese food is, I drink water and sleep on my stomach)

If you are used to eating in the comfort of your own home, if you do not eat quickly, do not go to a foreign country –

If you want to take it easy, don’t go abroad.