Interim President Duwalashi’s message to the people..30pm

Acting President of the National Unity Government, Duwal Shila, said that he believes that the time has come to dismantle the core of the military council.

The Acting President’s message to the ethnic people today (January 29) was expressed through his social network.

“I believe that the year 2023 is the time to dig and demolish the core of the military council. It is important to succeed in fighting in the spring revolution, and it is also necessary to succeed in the revolution,” said the interim president.

On January 27, the Acting President paid tribute to the martyrs who gave their lives in the Spring Revolution. The Burmese people expressed their respect and respect for the noble spirit and courage of the heroes who sacrificed themselves for the federal democracy, which is expected and valued by all.

As the Ministry of Defense of the National Unity Government, the heroes who paid during the revolution will be remembered for their responsibilities. With the fall of the heroes, he vowed to prove himself by working for the country that is not yet free.