It is a bad habit that closes bribes and lowers the glory…7feb

Bad habits that close the bribe and lower the glory…

Here are the bad habits that should always be avoided.

(1) A husband and wife should not sleep in the temple room.

(2) A woman should not sleep on the right side of a man.

(3) Between 4:30 AM and 6:00 AM, it is the time when the four Guardian Angels look at the good and bad of people.

At that time, you must avoid sexual intercourse.

(4) Don’t make a tarp in a place higher than your bed or bed. Do not sleep at the head of the child at the feet of the parents.

(5) Do not place your bed sheets and blankets on your sleeping pillow.

(6) Don’t walk around the place where you are sitting.

(7) Do not sit in front of your house with your hands on your chin.

(8) Don’t hang a frog’s hair in the opening of the front door of your house.

(9) Children should not defecate at the front door of their house.

(10) When getting up in the morning to take a blessing, do not cry and measure.

(11) When you get up early in the morning and wash your face, make a loud voice to prevent the phlegm from coming out of your throat.

(12) Dirty clothes, burnt clothes, clothes that have been blown away by the wind, clothes that have been bitten by rats, and people should not wear these clothes.

(13) If you walk on the house, don’t make loud footsteps, don’t make loud noises with utensils…

(14) When eating, don’t move the rice bowls around and eat quietly.

(15) Eating and eating other foods

When eating, plug from the mouth…plug so that it doesn’t make a sound like dogs drinking congee….

(16) Do not eat rice or other foods while walking.

(17) Do not sit with your back to the opening in front of your house.

(18) Do not break your knuckles early in the morning or at night.

(19) Do not drive early in the morning and at night.

I’m sharing what I know…