It’s time to be careful about your own safety, Min Maw gone .23pm

It’s time for everyone to be careful about their own safety, Prince Min Maw Koon

Actor Min Mokoon is one of the most successful and popular artists of his time.

Because she is so young, her fans still call her “Koda-nu with small teeth”.
Min Mokoon deservedly won the National Actor Award for “The Heartless Fool”.

In addition to being very expressive in acting, he is also a music lover and has sung many good songs.
Min Mokoon is happily married to his beloved wife and has three lovely children.

One of Burma’s leading actors, Min Maw Koun, is currently being charged with Section 505A, so he has arrived in the liberated area.

Not only is he a good actor, but he is a strong-willed person who will not hesitate to fight for the truth.
At the present time, he has been abroad and is doing his best for the revolution.
In addition to this, the artists who did not participate in the revolution and turned a blind eye to the sufferings of the people through social media
There are constant warnings and people are encouraged to boycott these artists.
Prince Min Mokoon is reminding all people that it is time to be careful about their own safety. “It is ruled by thieves and robbers, so I keep seeing and hearing robberies (Damya) for my own safety.
It’s time to be careful and let everyone be safe,” he wrote on social media.
Fans, these days, in addition to the bad politics, the economic conditions are on the bad side, so there is a lot of looting.
Dear readers, please take care of your own safety. CREDIT