Let’s do good deeds to make the economy convenient

Will it heal normally? Will it surely heal? It will definitely heal. Is it expensive? Not much.

After that, put some water in the palm of your hand and gently lift it into your nose. The nostrils are about two-thirds of the way up the nose. It has the shape of a goat’s hoof. That’s when it got thick.

Punatawko. Surround a hot pot with water. It was hot. four water Squeeze it out once (5 times each) The mouth will swallow. I will also add water to the nose. splashed the eyes with water, I’m going to slander. Then don’t put water in your ears. There is an eardrum in the ear. I will rinse the ear with a little water. By doing that, the heat is already reduced.

After this, if you are going to water your body, don’t overdo it. Properly water the left leg first. Then pour your right hand. I will tell you more about left foot and right hand if I have the chance in the future. If you pour it the same way, it will reduce the heat significantly.

For example, the temperature (103-104) is about 103-104. Thanakha’s left foot, only a small drop of water Apply two rounds of right hand. Spontaneously, the temperature will stabilize and drop.

People with high blood pressure should not take any medicine. left foot I poured water on my right hand and then applied it to Thanaka. Measure again. This is the teacher’s experience, both life experience I want Daw Htwe Kyi to understand that I am talking about a combination of therapy experience.

What are you talking about now? I’m talking about water use. To quench his heat. Then slowly, the tip of the finger, elbow arm feet I would like to ask a question if you can calmly pour water on your elbow and take a bath.