living together-2

When the time is right, take her to bed and then let her go. Some girls…

There is no man to hold hands with. Married lovers and girlfriends have been together for a Fri time, and if they know each other and are like a couple (Living Together), it is best to get married.

If you spend time together, the boy’s side doesn’t hurt, but the girl’s side hurts a lot.

Sleep when the time is right. After releasing them, some of the girls just don’t have a man to hold their hands with… They’re like married women, and they’re already dancing like in the Snare song.

They have been living together so that they can study foreign countries and learn about each other.

Sometimes we are together by blood, Sleeping together must be understood in this day and age. Must accept.

If you can keep it without committing anything, both boys and girls are the most valuable.

Now, living together only leads to a s*x issue, and when the time is right, they go back to their own homes. Every time they see each other, they focus on the same issue, so do they study each other? I don’t know if they don’t study.

So when the years pass, For some of them, it took only a few months to get used to it

“You and I don’t feel comfortable anymore” “You and I break up” will tear your whole life into pieces with just a few words.

Every girl sees her boyfriend as a simple, innocent little rabbit, and trusts him as a hero who will stand up and protect her.

If others say bad things about your lover, If you warn them, they won’t accept it. I don’t like it.

Of course, there are women who have been abandoned. At one time, my boyfriend was not that kind of man. They used to believe that he would not do this.

Such beliefs pushed them to lose after losing.

In this era, even if it’s in my hands, I’m worried about who will come and kiss me.

It’s not even in your hands yet, and if you show love with life, you’ll lose it at the right time. It must hurt.