Min maw gone actor wrote a nostalgic winter poem

Prince Min Mokoon wrote a nostalgic winter poem

The audience is among the top actors in Myanmar
Min Mokoon, including one, is currently charged with Section 505A
I reached the safe liberated area with my family and am currently living abroad.

Prince Min Mokoon wrote a nostalgic poem
It has been shared for fans.

On Ko Kyaw’s social network, “Winter Poem – Min Archive
These days, winter begins, winter begins
He began to rub all the forest and land with his coldness
When the wild grass blooms all over the roof
When the little stream that used to ride all over the place is gone
The revolution that started in the spring
It’s been three seasons and this winter is more brutal and I want to go home
Before he knew how to comfort his crying son, he went to the forest to find a habit
No future, no self-interest, not even a pair of shoes
My revolutionary fire is burning too strong
I miss winter this winter
We are not calm in December, the chest is 80 degrees, the heart is
Due to over heating, I had to shut down for a while
As for the throat, all I did was ablutions with Nyi Nya Nka Daw alcohol
Hungry for a glass of whiskey on these winter nights…
I see that it is written in a nostalgic way.
Fans… because it’s far from home
Sometimes there are moments when I miss home.
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