Monday’s divination paper for children

There is strong evidence that astronomy developed in India from 6500 BC onwards. There are also books compiled from around 3700 BC which are believed to be authentic. The original books are damaged, Although it was lost, it was copied and preserved by successive generations of astrologers.

These texts can be found in the libraries of the Indian states. From 6500 BC, the constellations were recorded in detail.

The earliest scholar who wrote about Vedic astronomy was Pita Maha. He compiled a book called the Pita Maha Siddhanta, whose principles can still be found today. Pita Maha wrote and compiled the book in about 3000 BC. Five hundred years later, Vashishttha, an astrologer, appeared, and Astronomy, Astrology (Astrology), He wrote and compiled many books on philosophy.

His most important book is the Vashishttha Siddhanta.

Among his other famous books, the fifth Siddhanta Kotha; Sariya Siddhanta, Nitya Nanda What is the origin? Aryabhata Mandagari, Rannavira and Laghu Prasha.