10 types of medicine for life

10 types of medicine for life
When you are depressed, drink these (10) medicines and continue your journey.

(1) When you are in front of others, try to be a guide instead of blocking the road.

(2) Success does not depend on time and place. Try to be trustworthy and you will become trustworthy in your workplace. To stand forever depends on effort.

(3) Are you upset when you encounter losses? Lessons learned from those losses are gains for next time. Don’t be discouraged by anything. If it’s difficult, face it with swagger.

(4) Are you afraid of being gossiped about? Just be satisfied with your own butterfly, so continue on your way. If you stone every dog that barks on the road, you will not reach the goal of your journey.

(5) poisonous creatures; A horned creature If you see those three types of people with little reason, stay away from them. Those three can make you shed blood and tears.

(6) Greedy, gullible patient Be careful not to be a pity person. They are the most victims of fraud.

(7) Don’t live like you want to live. If you don’t value yourself for a rare life, you will lose your humanity.

(8) Try to shine your life with your own light. Only those who are happy to give rather than to receive are truly happy. Real property.

(9) Don’t let your happiness become someone else’s tears. If you prioritize the days and times when you know you shouldn’t do it, you will be more miserable.

(10) Put a smile on your face. Success It will become a staircase for enjoyment. If you can smile even when you are sad and hurt inside, then you have become mature.

Everyone has a good mind and a bad mind. In the world, we often get prosperity and well-being because of our mind, just as we suffer from poverty and suffering for no benefit. If a bad mind prevails, mistakes will be made over and over again. In such cases, I am writing this letter so that you can think about it.
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