A group of house owners say that they are quite upset…

A group of house owners say that they are quite upset because there is no one who will buy their house even if they give it for free. They wanted to sell the house quickly before.

It was put on the market for sale, but there were people who made offers, but then the house was sold and no longer sold. This house is in Louisiana, USA.
The people who contact to rent or buy the existing house are the former tenants and the messages of the local people.
The house is said to be very haunted. It’s a sense that they exist at a distance from the surrounding environment,
Sylvia McLain, who co-owns this house, which is built in such a way that makes the viewer feel at ease, did not think that it would be so difficult to sell this small house in the past.
To tell the truth, she bought this house with the intention of burying it close to her heart. She founded McLain Investments.
He is McLain, when he started selling the house, he found out that this house is very haunted.
It is said that the original owners often called in exorcists to drive the ghost away. The ghost may have been Grandma Adele Vincent. She is a ghost.
Dawn said that she is haunted by life. The house is located in a 160-acre compound. Built since 1860
The house’s grandmother, Adele, died in 1967. After that, the Dawn family lived in the house forever, but it was not too haunted in 1980.
I had to move out of the house, and McLain Investments bought the house as a project site
I learned about the history of that area, so far no building has been built on that 160 acres. Credit Lin Zaw (D Nae Khit)