A hot house is cold…

A hot house is cold
One day, a lady named Daw Hla Aye came to me. If I see 4:
“Now . . Daw Hla Aye . . I said what problems have come again. . . , I will do what I can do. . .”


If he said, Daw Hla Aye-
“It’s nothing else, sir.” . . , The economy is also good. But it’s very hot at home. . . , At home, the father and son watched a foreign football game at night. Even at morning tea, they were arguing about the foreign football match, jumping and making noise. In the oven, the two daughters, Lwin Moe Choo, If you say that you are handsome, they will jump and jump, but you are just playing with a mouse. . . , It’s noisy at home for one reason or another. Please do that, sir. . .
He said.
“In the past, the teachers used to stick the plate to the plate and light it, If you do that, the house will stop heating, In our time, we don’t do this anymore. . . , I wrote a big poem on a plate and asked them to light it. Stop heating the house, Don’t ask me why I stopped. I don’t know either. If you do that, it will stop like that. . . , Here I will write on the ceramic plate, I went home and lit the fire. The house will not be hot and will be peaceful. . . ”
He said, and gave a plate written by Ka Kyi to Daw Hla Aye. Daw Hla Aye picked up the plate and went back.
About a week later, Daw Hla Aye came back.
“The house is cold, sir.” . . , Even the neighbors asked if people were still there. . .”
He said cheerfully.
“Write a little book about that, teacher. So everyone has to use it. . . ”
He advised.
“Reassure me. . . I will write to be written. . . I promised.