A place where there is danger of strong wind

“On the 20th to 22nd from 2pm
A place where there is danger of strong wind between 5 o’clock


16.3.2024 at 12:53 PM
Today at 12:00 PM Myanmar Standard Time
Gauge of Mithila Aerometeorological Office
According to the facts, from the next 20th
The whirlwind coming from Shan State
Temperatures due to El Niño across the South
In Magway Region, which is increasing
A converging vortex can form
I have estimated it.
Due to this process, the next 20 to 22 days
Magway Region between 2pm and 5pm
Nay Pyi Taw, Shan State Mandalay Region
Upper Bago Region Kayah State
Irrawaddy Region and Yangon Region
There is a slight risk of high winds
It is estimated that it can be obtained
Especially on the next (21st) in Magwe
The region and Nay Pyi Taw are at risk of strong winds
There is a possibility of receiving more.
Those days are in their homes
Afternoon and evening fire, Do not leave the fire
to If there are broken wires
To be repaired in time and according to the relevant city
Fire brigades to prevent fire
Recommend that warnings be issued
I want to submit.
big drivers motorcycle Those who ride bicycles
Also when the wind blows
A broken branch is bad for the front view
It is recommended to be careful because it is possible
I want to show you. The danger of high winds
Despite wind changes, it is possible
Warning because the foot has reached 69 percent
In case of exceptional weather conditions
Update news in real time
Will continue to present.
Wei Phyo Han (Aviation Meteorologist)