Even today, if it’s a monk

Even today, if it’s a monk
There will be many who know.
Among the master’s masterpieces

Even today, they still use the New Lanka.
The monk said that book to 10 monks
It was started and finished in 1266 after 33 years due to busy religious duties.

During the reign of Thayor Vati, the monk
Sagaing City In the township of Indao Township
He was born to two parents, U Tin Nyo and Daw Ae, and his name was Maung Ma.
The scriptures of the Pitaka literature from a young age
I learned Bengali, Nagri Thai Sanskrit He was knowledgeable about various religions such as Magadha. At that time, the abbots
I had to imitate and for literature
He is priceless.
important Ah, In addition to being versatile
knee break break four melody Jubilee and so on
poetry He is also able to compose various letters. In addition to the New Lanka
He also compiled about 30 other Bibles.
Studying and studying literature throughout his life.
compilation of books To the students
Don’t stop the work of teaching literature
He did it.
Menor Bishop Shin Za0na, Manor City Councilor
After Min Tin Hla donated the construction of the seven-tiered temple of Pula Thad, the school was named after the school and became famous as Man Roo.
According to the petition of the abbot of Leti, Sanshamkhip and Alankashamkhip were judged.
He passed away while still writing.
1282 at the time of the flight The new moon
13 days It was 1:30 in the morning, and at that time the age of the monk was 79 years old and 56 years old
It has been.
After the passing away of the monk
As usual, in a pagoda next to the temple
He was buried in a cave.
About 3 months after the burial, the monk
His disciple, Kappiya U Barin, took the monk out of the cave and told him that he had a dream.
He cried to be allowed to see.
The second monk said that it was not suitable
They stopped him, but since Dakarin was sobbing and talking, they finally opened the cave and took out his body.
Here’s how awesome it is
The body of the monk was destroyed.
Without the stench of rotting sheep, it is absolutely calm
They looked forward to it.
After that, all the people became slaves and replaced his body with a right head.
They have been offered.
of a monk holding resin and gold
Remains of the corpse to this day
It can be expected in the standard school.
The monk’s virtue The power of integrity
Amazing courage…