How do I keep money?..

How do I keep money? Money is kept in wallet, drawer, fireproof box, etc., but I need a system to keep my money in and out, to be safe and secure.
In order to increase luck, it is recommended to leave the phone in a good way.

Keep it with at least one bay leaf, it will increase your money.
Makes it fresh and prevents unnecessary cash out. 3 Wrap some sea salt in a plastic bag and keep it with the money.
It protects against debt cases. 4 Keep it with coins or any silverware. It protects money and makes it safe.
Keep at least one sheet. The higher the value of the money, the better. 6 Don’t let it happen that there is no money in the wallet.
Put torn money away in a paper bag and don’t mix it up with old bank cards that don’t have money, old vouchers, old address cards.
I’m sorry. 8 If you can add all of them, it’s good. At least one of the points 1 to 4 should be kept with the money.
Let the bribes multiply. 10 tarot card number 17 The Star can be added as a credit card