How to combat bad atmosphere in the house…

How to combat bad atmosphere in the house…
Your house is bad
There may be atmosphere

This is not long
Let’s do it..!
Staying at home is boring
It seems to be a big one
Are you feeling?
You can’t see inside the house
Bad atmosphere
Sometimes there is
I want to delete this
To be a good house
The following simple method
You can use it..!
The method
A glass of salt
Vinegar (aka) honey
It is said that it is necessary..!
A little salt in the glass
A little water and ginger juice
Add a little
Either the living room of the house
Any bedroom you want
Keep it in place..!
It should be kept for a day
When 24 hours are complete
Come back and check the glass..!
Look at the salt condition..!
Salt foam
I’m going up..
If it is overflowing
According to the method
Do it again..!
Salt foam
until it stopped going up
Must have..
Where no one can see the house
It’s not good
Absorb the vapors
To be more happy to be at home
Say it will be good
# Vinegar means
(Saliva) is..
In the same way
After doing it for 2 days
Salt foam is not good
If nothing comes out
Bad atmosphere
Consider it because there is no..
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