I want a good horoscope, Parents are…

I want a good horoscope, Parents are…
I get along with any child.
All are equal, without discrimination.
often deal with. Feeder?

Acknowledging Who doesn’t feed?
I can’t ignore it. True love
to give So clever,
For living with intelligence
A horoscope full of happiness in life
They become good people.
One day you They will suffer. How?
oh you want If you want good luck
Be straight with every child.
Don’t do one thing in front of another.
Be fair. Give me love.
If they don’t like you, correct them.
If not united, create unity.
As he loves his son, I love my daughter-in-law.
As I love my daughter, I love my son-in-law.
# As I love my country, His side?
love So you don’t lose anything.
On the other hand, everyone who loves with ego
I will never be at peace in my life.
In fact, every intelligent human being
His skills and love are good.
To everyone who enters your field
Please give me a warm welcome. Pretend to love
Don’t bring it. True love, True love
It will make your life peaceful.
#If the love you give is fake,
It will come back to you as a fake.
My parents (2) who are too smart
As for sons, Daughters sons-in-law
daughters-in-law Pretending with grandkids
Without giving equal true love
There is no peace and heat in life,
As the merits of Dharma worship increase,
The love of children
Live happily ever after
They have to live.