“Norway blacklists China and India for selling arms to Myanmar army”25pm

If you like it, then it’s over!

Last night, Justice for Myanmar pointed out the US UN’s intransigence, so UN No. 2669 should wake up.

This morning, the British-based IPE magazine reported that “Norwegian Central Bank has blacklisted Indian and Turkish government-owned companies that are selling the Burmese military council.”

When the news came out, what can I say to Talara?

We want to continue to shake things up with more heavy weights so that the event will be more beautiful and the announcements from both the UN and the US will have power because of their validity.

If not, I want you to know that they will end up in the ditch. Now, no matter where the sanctions are, if they are effective and clear, if they don’t start moving, if the flow of money is interrupted, I am happy because it is convenient for the month.

I believe that there will be more and more serious actions. Therefore, according to Facebook’s rules, we receive news that is not posted or found out late.

The victory of the revolutionary new year!

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