When you reach a certain age, you will develop a skill. This skill can become a business. This expertise can be turned into income.
As I read this book, I thought about the same process that I did. 2005 The era of saying Mirc .The era of dead chat as Naughty_Boy. The era of social message apps like Meebo.

The year I imported bonsai from China with my friends and sent them back to China. I started thinking about 2006.

Since I graduated in January 2012, I don’t have a career with this job, so if I have to start over, what skills do I need? One thing is for sure, you have to learn a new science again. Therefore, “learning” has to be done. How to read quickly, I found these methods. This memory training and speed-reading.

The next five years In ten years’ time, the work I’m doing now will be developed and developed. Nowadays, I have to constantly reinvent myself. I can’t stay with the status quo anymore. I need to reinvent myself. I crossed the word “as before”.