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Actress Pai Phyo Thu said that whenever she felt down, she was ashamed of those who had sacrificed herself
I think you know the actress who is famous in the movie industry and has a happy marriage.

She deservedly won the Best Actress Award at the 2017 Academy Awards for her performance in the movie “Ghost, Monster, and Young Woman.”
In addition to being able to act out her role in filming, her spirit is also inspiring.
He has been participating in the current public movements in Myanmar since February and continues every day
He was prosecuted under Section 505(a) for taking to the streets and protesting with the people, and is currently in a liberated area.
Phyo Thu, the actress, responded to the question of whether she is ashamed of those who buy and do CDM when they are in trouble.
“Every time I feel depressed…” Heh… Aren’t you ashamed? There’s still a place to live… There’s still food to eat… Those who are fleeing the war without shelter…
Those who have given their lives and are fighting on the ground… Aren’t you ashamed of those who are still doing CDM after a lot of trouble???
Try to get back up…go knit and crochet” I lost myself and got back into the big pile of knitting….I want to say…these days I will come back with a small fundraising program with crochet fabrics…
I love Daw Thu and I want her to come home soon… When I sell fundraising tickets, please join me… Don’t come back since I can’t see the lady Phyo Thu.. Those who think it’s better to die should also support the ticket… because the fundraising program is not for that woman… Please participate because it’s a fundraising program organized for my blood brothers and sisters on the ground… Whether we love it or hate it, let’s fight together to get out of Pyong’s misery,” wrote Phyo Thu on her social network.