Palm oil is disease-free

From foot pain to high blood pressure, Paralysis Increase eye power, Bite eye Cramps etc. tend to grow. These diseases that are common to everyone are pains caused by the imbalance of the earth’s energy and the energy of the body.

So that the above diseases do not happen,

And people can also protect themselves by using coconut spray to cure the disease. The use of coconut foam cups isused in ancient Burmese medicine books and ancient Indian medicine. It is also mentioned in Chinese medicine.There are many people who have been cured.

Do not bathe at all while stepping on the coconut foam cup and the blood vessels in the whole body circulate. Only break after at least 4 or 5 hours of treading.

If you tread regularly in the above way, within 2 months, the body’s heat will decrease and the muscles, Muscles

work better, eyesight, Seizures high blood pressure Paralysis will be cured.It is very difficult to step on a coconut

spray cup. Find two coconut spray cups. A burlap sack should be laid on a board about an inch thick (about two feet

long by two feet wide). Place two coconut spray cups upside down on a burlap bag.

The distance between a cup and a cup should be just enough for your feet. It is for a person to step on the red upside-down coconut cup with his feet and step left and right. It is to step on someone who cannot stand on his own with the help of someone from the side.Step with the middle of the foot first. You will understand as you tread. Then with the heel and with the feet and In this way, when treading, it is to support the tip of the foot and press it down again.