People are laughing at the publication of Section 144 in Trisu…29pm

The War on Terror Council has issued Article 144 to the city of Pago Trisu where offices, including the general

manager’s office, have been set on fire, making people laugh.

January 29

Karen State Kyin Pygyi Township, It is reported that the governor of Kirin Peigyi Township, under the War on

Terrorism Council, has issued an additional Section 144 order to ban more than 5 people from gathering in Pago

Trisu from January 26 to March 25 and not to go out at night between 6:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.

“It’s pretty funny.

I don’t know what to say because the staff members, who didn’t even know where to stay, raised Section 144. I want to say something. You build offices first,” said a resident of Pagoda Three Su.

Terrorist War Council General Office in Pagoda Trisu City Federal Office Municipal office Law office Since many military council offices, including land registry offices, have been burned down, many residents of the city are laughing at the fact that the additional section 144 has been issued to a city where the military council’s administrative system is broken.
“No revolutionary organization will harm our people. What is causing trouble is the coup d’état military council. Now no one cares what song is released. Even the soldiers did not dare to leave the camp. They have no power. Another local resident said, “If they bombed with airplanes and harassed people, they wouldn’t be able to speak.”
According to the situation on the ground, the Terrorist War Council is no longer capable of governing the Three Gods City. Bombing the nearby areas with fighter jets. It can only be done with heavy weapons and shooting wildly. As of now, the public is often suffering harm due to the airstrikes and heavy weaponry of the military council troops.
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