People who have been to Japan..3feb

merit, People who have been to Japanese temples that feel like they are suffering from hell…
Is it hell to go to Japan? What evidence is there? there is who. U Lu Aung.
(1) Early in the morning is convenient. As usual, I woke up with a meal and a drink of cold water. Take the five precepts.

To commemorate the release of Snow Man Book No. 1, I helped Madam Lu Aung cook a meal to go to U Zin Nganu Chaung Son’s Dhamma Nadi School (Kreo Year Literature School).

Except for the fact that I don’t slice the beans diagonally, the rest is cool. Magic Biar, food Talk a little with U Kru U Nganu, They returned after eating the rest of the food. So far still yes.

(2) I have never been there; I’m just facing the road, Let’s go to Japan. Let’s say that the husband and wife came up with such an idea.

(3) Heavy raindrops in June. I think it’s an office holiday, so the waiting line is long.

The temporary sloping green roof on top made it safe, but the tiles below were wet and muddy all the way through. At the rate of three hundred and fifty per call, I had to wait patiently.

The newly-disappeared little boy wanted to roar again because of the cold without shoes.

(Elderly Gilanaso has coiled) Even so, I arrived early and had to wait until the end of a batch that was still in. If you have to sing two or three rounds
(4) It is unlike any god I’ve ever been to, because it’s being brought in batches. It took more than half an hour for them to enter, so did they thoroughly explain about the ancient gods inside?
(5) The madam wears long-sleeve pants because they have to ride on a bicycle with a bowl of food between them. Not suitable for short, I told the woman that the length is okay. can’t get in
Over there, they sell sarongs. 1500 per piece. I bought a yogi-colored cloth and put it on the pants again (it’s not a loop, so you have to put it on again).
(6) Get inside, Before more than three hundred people have been placed 1. The donation cup came in front of my face.
2. A CD of God is sold for one thousand.
3. A new hand of the Buddha is sold for 5 thousand.
4. They sell pictures of the monks. 1 thousand thumbnails 2,000 pictures (he told me that the power is amazing, he must not work for the rest of his life).
5. I sold 20,000 pairs of robes to ask them to go and donate when they met the real monks. I told you that there is no donation box outside.
(7) Don’t even think about getting up in such a crowd. I’m not allowed to take pictures. Didn’t I hear Lot screaming that there’s hell if I don’t take pictures?
Among the ancient gods upstairs, I understood that something would happen because of the flash light of the god himself. Downstairs, there are not many gods.

Why not take a photo? It’s hell, so I’m just holding back.

(8) Apaun Arin Thanthan, dressed in yogi colors, is a good ad, Nirvanasao, a pure person, and the great sages are competing with each other.
The monk sat down and gave the five precepts to everyone who came. Dressed in robes. (I have already taken the virtues from home, I didn’t come to take virtues, I came as a pilgrim, because I was interested in ancient things)
(Lodka’s Sangha should be banned from using the term “Sangshi Sangha” as it harms other Sangha. Shame on you for wearing the robes because of that sentence.)
(9) I still haven’t seen the ancient god until more than half an hour later, dear audience. After Sawna’s talk about Ayeda is over, you can go up to the place where the old gods are collected.
(10) At the top of the stairs, you will see an ancient wooden bracelet.
From the palm of his hand, the Buddhist Burmese Pipi, I have already cut the Nawakamma book. Good luck song. Heh.. There are still other people going forward.
(11) Don’t just run around and walk around among the gods. Is this the throne of the monster?
(He Daka continued, Tama) The meaning of dragon house (He Daka continued, Tama) came to a place without knowing anything.
(12) The time when the ancient gods actually met the main desire was less than ten minutes. There is another person who came down, the layman. Tamara.
(13) I have returned outside. Monks are seen sitting behind the shops, almost like a dormitory. Oh, it’s a monk over there trimming the lawn with a lawnmower, isn’t it?
(14) It was donated by a Japanese collector. It’s not necessary. Thank you for the preservation of Burmese traditional Myanmar history.
If an ancient god is sold abroad, the maximum price is 100,000. 1,000,000,000 100,000,000 Huin Huin (Conclusion) Now, don’t tell me, is it really hell? U Lu Aung, I want to go once, I want to go again in the future.