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A must do for anyone who wants to live the life of owning a house

A good deed that everyone who wants to live in a house owning a house should do
There are people who want to own a house but have a hard time with a house to live in.

One of the monk’s disciples was having trouble with the house, so the monk thought about it.
I have to give the other party a comfortable place to live. He also has to rent a house from someone else, so he has nothing to pay, so he thought about what to do and asked him to build a house for the children.
When you build a house, you have to take it into your heart.
When it rains, the kids get wet because there is no place to stay. Some of the children died from cold while resting on a tree branch.
Very poor looking. So, if you have to build a house for the children, with full dedication, a roof, Think carefully about the shelter, the garage, the place to eat, and the house.
Build it and donate it as a proper house_.
If you donate so many times and the children are already young, you must be very happy.
Such a person should have the courage and the courage to understand that it is true that he will get it without having to worry about it. Understand. It means that you must have courage in your heart.
More than this, the school for planting very large trees, Remember that it will be more powerful if you can be happy by building old houses, etc.
Thank you, Master Pilot. I give credit to the original author and photo owners.