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Where can gold be found? How does gold occur naturally? Where can gold be found? How did gold appear?

Gold is a naturally occurring chemical element and is a bright yellow metal that is easy to mine.

will be able to know. Gold is its rarity, resistance to erosion; Conductivity It is a very valuable metal due to its ease of molding and its beautiful golden color.

As for where gold can be obtained, it can be obtained from mines or by panning for gold from streams.

However, it is true that the original source of gold is the earth.

Do you believe that the gold in the world comes from the solids formed when the stars fall from the sky?

After the creation of the world, iron and gold, which are heavy metals, seeped into the inner core of the earth.

If this event had not happened, gold would not have appeared in the earth’s solids.

About four billion years ago, the world was hit by the impact of an asteroid (a small planet orbiting the Sun from the path between Mars and Jupiter).

These effects stimulated the deep layers of the Earth’s Earth, causing some of the gold to be deposited in the Earth’s top layer and center.

It reached the layers in between. Some of the gold is found along with rock ore.

That is why gold is found as a pure natural element. Gold is the only metal that resists corrosion.

Also, because gold is heavy, it can be found not only at the bottom of streams, but also in seas and silt formations.

Shaking also brings out the same gold. Because earthquakes cause mineral-rich water

As the water evaporates, the layers of gold come to the surface of the rock as it is released quickly from the pressure.

A similar process is found inside volcanoes.