Righteous Judiciary

good and bad in the world With the development of technologies that will improve the lives of young people, where light and darkness tend to coexist, and the drugs that will drag them down the cliff of darkness, together with technology, we will see that more and more mysterious people are reaching the hands of young people.

It is the main duty of all mankind to be aware of the dangers of drugs that lead the youth astray with such allurements.

For the youth to be able to understand about the drugs that are influencing and destroying them in various ways. It is necessary not only to know how to prevent and fight the dangers of drugs, but also to understand and understand how to bring young people who are victims of drugs back on the right path.

Looking back at the countries of the world, almost every country has social capital called Social Capital in order to develop and prosper its future society. It is seen that more young generations have been cultivated in the competitive investment of intellectual capital called intellectual capital.

They must increase the strength of the youth so that the future society of their country can develop and be beautiful. If we want to improve the power of the youth, it is not enough for the national government to act alone. Various academic experts must cooperate.

Drugs are the main threat to the lives of young people. human health; Alcohol, which threatens the development cigarette, Tobacco There is an urgent need to prevent and effectively combat the dangers of psychoactive drugs.

illegal drugs psychoactive drugs; alcohol, To avoid the danger of addiction to beer and tobacco and to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drugs, humans can avoid realizing the dangers of drugs and their consequences.