Some lesser-known rapes

Rape, in other words, sexual violence; There are still many misconceptions among people about rape. There is no law that can deal with such sexual violence. control of people Due to factors such as lack of awareness, rape is still at the top of the world’s most common crimes that cannot be controlled.

In this article, I would like to share knowledge about things that we Burmese people know wrongly about rape.

When we re-surveyed, only about 10 percent of the rape perpetrators were strangers, and the rest of the perpetrators were family members. friends colleagues neighbors Be it your lover or those who are still breaking up.

It’s surprising. These people are the daily schedule of rape victims. Where and when do you go? They know which way to return, and because they are close, no one thinks they are going to rape them, and it becomes easier to commit a crime.

Here, men Women, etc., without gender identification, are described as human beings. Rape is not only committed by men, but also by women. old man All young people are likely to commit crimes. Youth is a child who has not yet reached the age of 18. Including teenagers. Usually children younger than them. Young people of all ages Middle-aged people can become victims of rapists.

Sometimes people have a panic reaction when they’re really scared, and they calm down by doing nothing. In a situation like rape, the victim is often faced with a life-threatening situation, so some people see the inevitable silence as a situation where both parties agree.

In fact, whether there is a response or not. Having sex without the other person’s consent or not is the same as rape.

This is a very common issue among conservatives who hold a closed view of ancient doctrines. Instead of blaming the perpetrator, they blame the way the victims (usually women) dress. It is worse in Myanmar. short skirt shorts, I must have been raped for wearing bras.

Even if it’s too little, they blame the victim of the crime (Victim Blaming). Don’t forget that people who are wearing Burmese clothes safely can also be abused here. Everyone has cravings. Your lust, your conscience, Must be able to control morals.

If you commit a crime because you can’t control it, it’s your own fault. As bystanders, there is no reason to point a finger at the dress of the victim. Try to see the world in a big way.