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In the dream, you are happily flying in the sky, If you are flying effortlessly to the highest places, it means that you are full of energy for your goals.

In other words, the dream says that I feel reluctant for the responsibilities that I have learned, and I cannot escape from those things, and I feel stressed a lot of the time.

But what is scientifically possible is that as the body transitions to sleep, the nervous system’s blood pressure and heart rate drop, and your brain activity slows down.

The mental states you’ve struggled with all day are called Hypnic Jerks, a sudden contraction of the body’s muscles when a person is trying to fall asleep.

It is said that waking up suddenly sometimes causes a person to jump up and down.

But if your falling dream is falling happily, it indicates that you are not afraid of change.

If we have a dream that we are seeing our teeth falling out, falling out, or destroying our teeth

It’s self-esteem. It is said that it shows that there is a lack of confidence.

According to dream experts, a smile is the first thing people notice, and it shows how confident you are.

Therefore, to dream of losing your teeth indicates a lack of confidence in your appearance and external characteristics.

According to other dream experts, teeth falling out indicates that you are suppressing anger and are pretending to be confident without actually having confidence.

According to this dream, it means that you are running away from things that worry you in real life and cause you fear.

In other words, you are running away from the problem you have to solve.