Steel reading danger

For the dangers that people who use red pans can’t see, read it and share it

Electric frying pans are useful, and almost every home buys them and uses them. However, we need to learn how to use them safely, so I had to tell my employers carefully that these electric frying pans are not removable and washable.

I warned you, but for those housewives who don’t have time, I remind you all again. Many of the workers were cooking, frying, and taking a bath while taking a shower. They carelessly stirred the frying pan with steel spoons. The humidity was high, and I was lucky to get electrocuted. The small earth leakage circuit breaker (RCD) placed in the oven’s circuit breaker saved my life.

What happened was that after washing the frying pans, I turned them upside down in the hot sun and made sure to keep them free from moisture.

Although the ropes inside did not touch the pot’s body, there was danger. Please take care, warn them that they may fall out of your reach.

It’s not about houses that have an earth wire and use a three pin socket outlet, but most houses don’t use an earth wire.

It’s like saving the app……then you have to click on the small orange button on the app and test it every month to see if the app is really good or safe. It says test monthly on the button.