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Japan’s largest power producer has unveiled a new gas-fired power plant at a thermal power plant in Chiba

Prefecture, near Tokyo. To help avoid power outages this winter, Jera is likely to start operating the generator ahead

of its planned start date in February.

The plant can generate 650,000 kilowatts, enough power to power 1.85 million households

Japan’s power companies are expected to maintain 3 percent of reserve power this winter. This is the minimum amount required for the stable distribution of electricity throughout the country.

But for the first time in 7 years, the government is encouraging households and businesses to conserve electricity.
There are concerns that the extreme cold will increase demand for electricity.

Japan and the United States will begin discussions on effective procedures for counter-attack forces under Japan’s new security policy.

Japanese Defense Minister Hamada Yasukazu and US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin met at the Pentagon on Thursday.

Mr. Austin said he strongly supports Japan’s latest national defense policy, which includes decisions to increase

defense spending to acquire counter-attack capabilities. He added that he wanted to “reaffirm the unwavering commitment between us to defend Japan.”

Mr. Hamada responded by saying that effective procedures for counterattack capabilities would greatly strengthen Japan’s defenses. He has roles related to the Japan-US alliance. He said he wants to start a deeper discussion about processes and capabilities.

After the meeting, Mr. Hamada and Mr. Austin signed an agreement to expedite joint research on technologies to

counter hypersonic weapons that are difficult to intercept and to prevent drone strikes.