The 3-headed dragon god brought back from abroad. 29am

Burmese sculpture, a legacy of our ancestors brought back from overseas, is full of the uniqueness of an ancient Buddha statue.

About 18 years ago, under the guidance of the Federation of Myanmar Merchants and Industrialists, I went to a trade fair held in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and sold gems.

A group of our Burmese traders who arrived in Chiang Rai, Thailand, whether the sale is good or not, sell at the exhibition from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. As soon as the exhibition hall closes in the evening, like-minded people gather together and have fun.

Rather than having fun, I called my two nephews who came with me to find out how many of our country’s antiquities are in other countries and how they got there.

I used to take them to the antique shops that I wanted to go to. One day, unexpectedly, I arrived at an antique shop.
In a corner, I saw a Pagan era 3-headed dragon pagoda, which seemed to have arrived through the strange black market, and I felt an unknown pain in my heart.

I told my cousins Kyaw Kyaw and Son Thuyn that I wanted to bring this statue of Aung Aung back to Burma, and they told me that it was impossible. The price of Aung Aung is $3,000. Where is the money? What if I am robbed on the way?


My nephew said yes, so I had to reduce my strength and return to the hotel, but my mind was always on the Dragon Temple, so I went to that antique shop every day until I returned to Myanmar.

In this way, until the last day of the exhibition, the sales were not good, so we were unable to win the travel expenses,

let alone the money to buy the god.

Every day, he saw me coming to my shop, carefully visiting my gallery and encouraging him to buy what he wanted.
I pretended to fall in front of the dragon god with rocks and the dragon.

I told him that I would not bring it back to Myanmar, and he said that he would send it to Myawati, so I would like to carry it myself when I got there, because at that time I had to exchange jade beads, jade sculptures, jade bracelets, jade pendants, which were worth about 1000,000 Myanmar kyats.

I’m so happy. It’s like getting a monkey coconut. I don’t want to talk about it anymore. Once I got back to Myanmar, I went to the bus station to check the person who would give it to Yangon from Myawati, and the one who would help me.
I have been worshiping for about 18 years and found out that there is a statue like this in Nagatham Pagoda. When I am sick, I remember my mother more.
While painting the wood, the gilding teacher said that he had noticed that the lower part of the U Aung dragon was moving in the three wheels, and I and U Tin Win, who applied the gold robes, looked at the bottom level in various ways, and we began to imagine that a sacred statue was enshrined inside.
Our ancient ancestors had very big goals and objectives, and the depth and brilliance of the sculptural skills in the ten kinds of flowers.
Inside the three dragon heads of the Dragon Hall statue are the three Kagutan, Konagong, and Kastaph Buddhas.