The benefits of treading salt

Benefits of salt before showering in the morning

(1) Unnecessary hot steam can escape through the feet.

(2) Protects kidney from heat retention and also benefits urinary tract.

(3) If you pedal for a long time, the heat from the waist can relieve back pain.

(4) Sedentary people.. For people who drive a lot, it can prevent sprains and muscle stiffness.

(5) For those who need to pay attention to their eyes, for those who need to wear glasses, they can make their eyes clear, and if they do it persistently, they can lose their glasses.

(6) Relieves hair loss and split ends.

(7) It can also be beneficial for people who have a headache, itchy eyes, and people who have blocked tear ducts.

(8) Those who cannot have children due to closed uterus can have children.

(9) Men with prostate disease can be protected from prostate enlargement.

Salt treading can be done twice in the morning and at night. At least two pounds of salt should be added to the cup. And cover it so that it does not get wet. I have to change the salt after about a month.

It can cure incurable headaches and backaches by walking on salt.

Be happy and free from heat…

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