The best yatra that you should do…30pm

Money is convenient, It is a small scheme that will quickly clear the debt,

Materials needed 1. 1 ceramic plate 2. Rice 3. 1 green egg 4. 1 stick of blue saffron 5. 1 small candle 6. 1 fire love First,

make the order of 1 ceramic plate, put 1 handful of rice with your hand, then write (Arahman) with saffron blue in

the middle of a green egg.

Place the egg in the middle of the ceramic plate filled with rice

After that, light 1 small candle on top of that egg, and then pray deeply to clear the debt!! Do this plan at 9:45 on the morning of your birthday.
On the following days, you only have to light the candles, you don’t need the rest of the items, and you can light the candles at a convenient time.
Don’t do it at the base or in low places.During the (3) days of planning, you can’t eat beef or pork at all.
Calculate, cook rice, boil eggs, oil, salt, and sweet powder, then offer the rice and egg to the Buddha as usual.
Please pray again for debt relief! There is one thing I want to say here, that is, when you take 1 handful of rice, don’t take it compactly, take it in a small position and make it bigger, so that when you cook the meal, it will be fine! May all my friends be happy, healthy, and have all their desires fulfilled, and may they overcome the three difficulties! Credit