The Chin defense forces captured Thantanglan police station…9feb

Breaking News: Chin State declares martial law The Chin defense forces captured Thantanglan police station and

the army launched an air attack.  More than 40 weapons and ammunition were seized.

Yangon, February 9
Chin State declared martial law The CNA-CDF has completely attacked and occupied Thantlan Township police

station yesterday night, and the military council is conducting airstrikes continuously, according to local news

sources and some CNA-CDF sources.

The attack on the police station began at 10:00 PM on February 8th, and at around 1:00 PM, the police station was

completely captured. A soldier from the Chin Defense Force was killed and the camp was completely captured.

Weapons It is learned that more than 40 weapons, including drone weapons, and a large amount of ammunition

have been obtained.

After the police station was captured by the Chin Defense Forces, the airstrikes have been carried out by the

military police since yesterday night.

Yangon New Age is trying to contact the CNA-CDF group of Thantalan Township and is also trying to get the official confirmation that will be released by the relevant group.
The Military Council has declared martial law in 7 townships, including Thang Talan Township in Chin State, starting from February 2.