The doctor who was not allowed to be called the day before, Nan Mytsan

It’s the model Nan Mytsan who is working as a model who is a popular doctor

I think everyone will like it. Because she likes taking sexy photos too much

He gave up his title as a doctor and is currently working as a sexy model.

There are a lot of men who like Nan Mytsan’s photos. Sassy model Nan Mee San

He always uploads sexy photos and has his own website and is doing business.

Her beautiful body and face are charming and cute

In addition to receiving the love of male fans, she possesses beauty enough to make girls fall in love.
Nude photos and videos of models Nan Myt San and Theza Win Kyaw, which destroy their physical fitness.
The Military Council filed a lawsuit under Article 33(a) of the Electronic Act on the accusation of receiving payment and distributing it on social networks.
Model Nan Mue San, who was arrested on the same day as You Za Win Kyaw, was not allowed to call a lawyer
Families are worried. It is reported that Met San was not allowed to call a lawyer because he was arrested in North Dagon Township, which is a martial law area.
“It’s been almost two months since I was arrested. I have been in Insein prison for over a month now. I am not allowed to call a lawyer
The circumstances are not known for sure,” her family said. Charged against You Za Win Kyaw and Nan Myt San
Section 33 (a) of the Electronic Law can result in up to seven years in prison if convicted.
Dear fans, I said a few words of prayer for Nan Mytsan and You Za Win Kyaw. Creditmdatenews mdatenews