The easiest way to make girls look like girls

The easiest way to make married women look like virgins
There are married women who don’t want to use drugs to shrink their breasts.

Either because they are afraid of the side effects of the medicine. If it’s because it’s expensive or the medicine doesn’t work
It’s easy to make and there’s a great way to get it right.

This method can re-tighten and re-tighten the woman’s contractile muscles.
Gooseberry will be familiar to everyone.
Few people know that gooseberry is good for women.
Wash about 5 gooseberries.
Then put 5 (5) gooseberries in a pot of boiling water (bath water).
If the gooseberries have softened and changed color
Stop heating the kettle.
Allow to cool completely.
If it is cold, when the woman washes herself
Use gooseberry infusion instead of water and wash it off.
You need to do it 3 times a day
In about a week, you should get a noticeable result.