The most important (5) members to fulfill every prayer

May every prayer be fulfilled…

Prayers… Not every prayer is complete. A prayer is complete only if it fulfills the five (5) things that the Buddha preached.

If there is a need in life, if you are going to pray, you must fulfill five (5) things.

The Buddha preached that if you are fulfilled with the five (5) virtues, virtue, virtue, wisdom, and wisdom, you will be fulfilled if you pray for the next life.

Tuesday (5) is

1. Saddha means = believing in the three jewels of karma and the benefit of karma.

2. Virtue = The lowest five virtues are fine.

3. Suta means clairvoyant knowledge. It is knowledge that is known either by reading books or listening to dharma or by telling each other.

4. Sag means = giving, giving, giving, and giving.

5. Wisdom is the knowledge of distinguishing between cause and effect, good, bad, good, and bad.

If you have any need in your life, if you are going to pray, try to fulfill the above (5) first.

If it is fulfilled, then the prayers are fulfilled. No matter what you say, ask for the reward you want, ask for the reward you don’t want, ask for the reward (5) to be fulfilled. May every prayer be fulfilled….