The strange things have ended and people are talking about it. 29am

The strange things have ended and people are talking about it
Monk’s fashion show You, who like festivals, have a wonderful religious future

Today, a photo that is circulating online and is being talked about is a photo of about 10 monks walking in a row on the stage like a fashion show, and the people below the stage are holding hands and worshiping.

Social network users are criticizing the photo.
There are those who say it’s a religious fashion show. There are also speculations that the models are wearing robes and walking the show.

According to the image of the fans in the picture, it is estimated that it was made somewhere in Burma.
The monks are wearing various colors of robes and closed-toed shoes, so they may be monks from abroad.
According to unconfirmed reports, the event was held at the hotel lot in Yangon and was the birthday of a monk.
The investigation is still ongoing to identify the monks and organizers who participated in the event.
The Buddha preached that the monks should not enjoy the festivities. Bishops’ birthdays are usually held in monasteries.
But when he did this strange act at the hotel’s fashion show, he became the talk of the town.
Dayaka, the organizer of the event, Therefore, we should think about whether a matter we have made is appropriate before planning.
At present, there are many behaviors that degrade the dignity of religion.
As monks who are considered to belong to the religion, they should also guide them to behave in accordance with the religion.
If this is not the case, if you keep your mouth shut, you may face a worse situation than the current situation, sir.