The unique characteristics of Friday children (11)…3feb

The unique characteristics of Friday children (11).
They love each other faithfully. Friday

I always think and worry about my boyfriend, who doesn’t seem to care on the outside
I don’t usually express my sad feelings outside, I just keep my feelings closed and feel sad.

Faced with everything that happens, Friday tends to anticipate things that haven’t happened yet

From the outside, you might think that you are proud, but when you really look at each other, you know that you are a little girl.
I love to dream and sometimes I like to be alone and relax
I don’t think too much about things to worry about, and I’m always happy on Friday
With people I don’t know, it’s very cold like an ice cube, and between very close friends, it’s like throwing a machine gun.
They always kept their feelings in their hearts, never confiding in anyone
In the hiding place, it was a very good Friday, unlike any other day
I don’t want to be a master myself, but I hate it to death if someone else comes to do it for me. Credit: New Blood